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About Our Interactive Performances

  Spectators will go on a musical and multi-cultural adventure as they experience the musical traditions of Guinea in West Africa. Our interactive dance performances, which are conducted by Mohamed and Marielle, consists of toe tapping, infectious African rhythms and songs and high energy dances, that are catered for all-ages. We get the audience dancing with us and spectators become participants! We have over 15 years experience performing for spectators from preschools to retirement homes and everyone in between!  Wontanara offers a unique, memorable and authentic cultural experience for all to enjoy!

  Since 2008, Wontanara has performed over 200 shows, events and festivals across Canada. We love all performance settings and are very adaptable to meet your needs, whether it be for a school, a fundraiser, a birthday party, a corporate or multicultural event, a music festival or street party, we have done it all and will get the most shy audience member dancing by the end!!

  Contact us for more info about our performances and to book Wontanara for your next event.

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