School Performances & Workshops

What to expect


  Prior to our visit to your school we will provide you with a comprehensive study guide (available in both French and English) that the teachers may use in preparation for our visit. Teachers may use our study guide as a teaching tool to learn about the artists visiting their school and to plan discussions and activities before, during and after our visit.


  We offer options for both elementary or secondary level: a workshops only option, a performance only option or a performance and workshop combo option.  Choose the right fit for your school.

Contact us for rates and to discuss the best options for your school 

About our Performance

  Wontanara’s colourful and energetic performance is 45 minutes in length and consists of toe tapping, infectious African rhythms and songs and high energy dances. Students will go on a musical and multi-cultural adventure as they experience the musical traditions of Guinea in West Africa.

  This interactive and playful presentation encourages students to participate using call and response answers in songs and by clapping their hands in rhythm to the percussive music. Students will also be selected to come up and learn a few dance movements with the group.

  Wontanara will begin with a brief introduction of the group and explain what the students will be seeing throughout the performance thus creating a framework for the presentation. In between each music and dance presentation Wontanara will have an educational component, introducing the students to the various musical instruments used, speaking about various aspects of traditional life in West Africa, and teaching words, numbers and phrases in the Malinke language of Guinea.

About our Workshops

  • Dance only option

  • Drum only option

  • Drum & Dance Combo option

  • 1/2 day or full day options

  • Residencies available

  • Available to choreograph a piece for your next school performance or event (i.e. Christmas concert)

  • See classes/workshops for full class descriptions